Added tutorial, particle effects, sound effects, and fixed bugs.

Cole Pergerson: Art and Design, TaylorMax: Programming and Design. 

Grungeon is a roguelike where you cannot die.

We focused on this genre's principle of "no checkpoints." If you take enough damage, your character will fall down to the bottom floor of the level, dropping any magical purple keys you may have picked up during your adventure. However, falling does not affect your gold or items; the game was too frustrating for new players otherwise.

Aside from being a roguelike, Grungeon is a highly-mobile platformer with rewarding jump mechanics designed to make your trip through the procedurally-generated level as fluid as possible. Use the Friendly Ghosts, or the less friendly Ogres and Goblins, as stepping stones to reach overhangs, or purchase a limited-use jetpack from the Wizard.

Defeat enemies by jumping on them, search for the purple key, and use it to open the door to your freedom.

WASD or Arrow keys - Run

Spacebar - Jump (you can jump off of walls too)

E - Interact (must be near an object to interact with it)

Q - Use Splint (must be purchased first)

Spacebar while in midair - Use Jetpack (must be puchased first)


Updated Version - Late 2018 - Grungeon v4.zip 14 MB
GMTK Version - Grungeon.zip 13 MB

Install instructions

The zip contains a .exe and a data folder. The .exe will open a Unity game launcher.

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