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Fire Fleet is a fighting-focused RTS. Your goal is to capture objectives for resources and map control, then use your overwhelming numbers to destroy the enemy flagship. Use each unit's unique abilities and strengths to their maximum potential if you want to win.

Unit List

IRA - Small support
Ability: Passively scan for enemy units at long distance, or jam enemy scans

Skylark - Small hybrid
Ability: Tether to pull ally or enemy units in any direction

Vulture - Small offense
Ability: Drop bombs onto a target below for massive damage

Apollo - Medium support
Ability: Shield an ally unit from some damage

Boxcar - Medium hybrid
Ability: Switch modes between normal, ion weapons, and deflectors

Imperial - Medium offense
Ability: Strong weapons, but must reload after 24 shots

Bulkhead - Large support
Ability: Slowly repair up to three ally units over time

Redcoat - Large hybrid
Ability: Control swarms of fighters that act as mini-units

Malevolence - Large offense
Ability: Collect energy from dead units; then, use this energy to power its superweapon


Fire Fleet 0.0.4.zip 49 MB

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